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    Take a walk. Ride a chairlift. Head into some wooded trails. Chances are, someone’s been there before you. This seems obvious, and it is, but sometimes humans will leave their mark and in a natural way where the earth is not effected. We create cairns, a man-made pile of stones that are carefully balanced on top up one another. As we stack, we hold our breath and keep our fingers crossed, with the hope that they won’t all topple like Jenga. Each rock nestles into the other (if thoughtfully stacked) and the cairn will last until either weather takes over or another human being knocks it down.

     The Cairn Collection is inspired by our natural instinct to build and create. Each piece of wood is has been given a new life in the form of jewelry. The wood is sourced from various flooring and furniture makers and from the occasional curbside furniture and wood cut offs. All wood is utilized, in order to reduce my waste and allow the cairns to transform into an overall way of life, rather than just a stack of rocks.

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