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The Man Wrapped Around Your Finger: Created for the Bull-White House advertising agency, this ring represents the idea of the "man wrapped around your finger". First conceived through sketches and then finalized in a hand-carved wax model. The wax model was then cast into bronze and finished with liver of sulfur and a high polish.

To visit The Bull-White House website, follow the link:

Baby Blocks: Handmade baby blocks safe for the youngest of ages. This project utilizes excess wood cutoffs of oak and poplar. Each piece is sanded to the finest grit and naturally oiled with olive oil in order to keep it safe for the baby.

Angular Ring Holder: A handy, stackable piece to place your rings right before bed or while washing your hands. This holder is made with two different colors of acrylic laminated together, hand-carved and polished and then pegged on top of a hand-carved piece of oak.